Celebrating the Year of Horse

Little Wai boy would like to take this opportunity to wish all aunties-uncles and fellow readers a Happy "Horse" Year and 祝大家马力全开, 马到成功, 心想事成, 恭喜发财. 

Little Wai boy @ 8 Months+

During this Chinese New Year, Wai boy also had the opportunity to experience or explore the following for the very FIRST time:
  • FIRST Chinese New Year celebration - Year of Horse;
  • FIRST time meeting up with some of the relatives like 二姑姐, Uncle Jonathan, 姑婆 and also others when we went visiting mainly from 爷爷 side;
  • FIRST visits to the Thean Hou Temple for prayer of which Mommy will blog about it later;
  • Introduced to lion dance and firecrackers for the FIRST time; and

last but not least, taken his FIRST family photo.

Note to Our Dearest Wai boy,

Daddy & Mommy 祝你快高长大, 身体健康, 永远快乐.

Yue Yue 表姐 2nd Birthday Celebration

Last Sunday on 17 November 2013, Wai boy attended his 表姐, Yue Yue's birthday celebration at 爷爷's house.  This would be the second birthday party that Wai boy had attended.  For record purposes, the first one was celebrating grandma's birthday.  

Despite he has met up with most of our immediate family members during grandma's birthday but maybe because that was about 3 months ago, Wai boy still felt very uncomfortable and was quite clingy to me that night.

Anyhow, Mommy believed that Wai boy too enjoyed himself at certain times especially during the cake cutting ceremony with candles lighting up despite only 2 candles and also the 'karaoke' time when all the kids were showing off their singing skill presenting the traditional birthday song before cutting the pinky Hello Kitty cake chosen by the birthday girl herself.  Wai boy also joined in the fun but instead of singing (obviously he can't at this point in time), he was actually doing the '请请' by holding his two little hands together when the birthday song was sang and everyone was amazed.

The party actually adjourned quite early at about 9:00pm mainly because the next morning is a working day for us parents and the kids still need to get up early to go to their grandparent and nanny's place respectively despite school holidays has already started.  Furthermore, Wai boy was a little cranky towards the end maybe because it is time for sleep as he normally goes to bed before 9:00pm after his last milk.  

Overall, it was quite a wonderful gathering as we, adults get to chitchat with our family members and update on the lastest 'news' while the kids were having so much fun playing together with their cousins and nephews.

More types of medicine..

are being prescribed for Wai boy.  For the past two times when he was down with flu and cough, he was not given any medicine except for the drip to ease his blocked nose. 

But today, Dr. Yek finally prescribed a bottle each of the flu and cough medicines besides the normal drip after knowing that our little boy is going into his 6th month very soon.

Mommy posted this up here is not because of Wai boy is down with flu and cough again but instead Mommy felt relief knowing that from today onwards, little Wai boy will recover much faster from all these common illnesses with the medicines prescribed as compared to previous times when without the medicines, he had to suffer for at least a week before recovering.

But what Mommy really hope is that we can pay lesser visit to the clinic except for the scheduled vaccination.  

Baby's First - Contest Winner (Buds Household Eco)

Recently Mommy participated in the BUDS Household Eco products contest organized by Parenthood, Today Publishing and I believed that luck was on our side when we won a BUDS Household Promotional Set worth RM145.00 which consists of Baby Safe Fabric Softener, Baby Safe Bottle & Utensil Cleaner and Baby Safe Laundry Detergent from BUDS.

Before I moved on, just a little introduction of this master of cleaning power from NATURE.  As a mother, I strongly believed that we always wanted the best for our kids especially when they are still baby and to protect them all rounded from viruses to harsh chemicals that can really harm our little one either externally or internally. 

Many cleaning products selling in the market claim to be safe to be used on baby but actually leave behind harmful residue that is always undetected by our naked eye, unfortunately.  And hence, it is very important for us, parents to be able to identify and choose the right household products that are genuinely safe to be used on our baby/kids.

BUDS Household Eco products are certified as Natural Cleaning Products according to ECOCERT detergent guidelines mainly because BUDS Household Eco products uses only safe, mild and plant-derived ingredients such as plant protein, essential oils, aloe vera and etc. formulating a range that gets rid of germs, dirt and chemicals organically.  Hence, words like Parabens, PEG, Triclosan and others quite well known chemical names can never be seen on their labels and this definitely gave us a piece of mind when using BUDs Household Eco products.  

For your further information, ECOCERT is a certifying body known and acclaimed for its credibility, integrity and stringent certification process.  

Besides what we have won, BUDS Household Eco products also consist of Baby Safe Anti-Bac Floor Cleaner and also Baby Safe Anti-Bac Toy & Surface Cleaner.  For more information on BUDS Household Eco products, you can always log-in to their website at

Roll Over @ 5 Months

Little Wai boy finally rolled over on the 25th of October 2013, exactly 5 months and 2 days old.  It was on a Friday morning and as usual, Mommy would placed this little fella on a mattress to do some 'free & easy' style of 'kick-boxing' on the floor while busy preparing his brother, Kit boy for school before feeding him milk and sending him off to nanny's house later after his brother left for school. 

But on this particular morning, Mommy was so excited to see our little Wai boy finally rolled over lying on his tummy steadily and happily staring at us despite at a totally different view.  I was ecstatic and immediately placed him back lying faced up again hoping that he will do it again.  VOILA.... just in a mere few seconds, he did it again and this time round Mommy managed to capture this memorable moment with her phone.

We are now looking forward to see this little boy to make his first crawling step.  But meanwhile, Mommy will have to be more careful when putting him on the bed.  :) 

4th Month Progress Report - September 2013


Increased to 7.3kg from 6.4kg.  Measurement was taken at Clinic Yek during his second dose of 6-in-1 vaccination.



Diaper Size

MamyPoko Tape Diaper Size M (6-11kgs)


Still showing a set of healthy gum ONLY when smile.

Motor Skills

Trying very hard to flip over but the buttock is still a little stuborn.

Communication & Social Skills

A very playful baby. 


Mainly due to some skin allergies, Dr. advised to temporary swap his formula milk to those Hypoallergic type and since little Wai boy is on Enfa, we continued with MeadJohnson product and changed to EnfaLac A+ HA instead of other brand.

Little Baby is

down with high fever again this morning at 38.6C. 

According to Dr. Yek, most probably it is due to normal virus infection and should subsided in 2 days time but if it persist, then we will have to bring little Wai boy back to see him again for further check-up. 

This little fella had admitted before due to persistent high fever and therefore Mommy will feel very tension as and when Wai boy's body temperature goes higher than the normal reading. 

Hence, Mommy really hopes that this is just a normal virus infection as told by Dr. Yek and little Wai boy will get well very soon.