Celebrating the Year of Horse

Little Wai boy would like to take this opportunity to wish all aunties-uncles and fellow readers a Happy "Horse" Year and 祝大家马力全开, 马到成功, 心想事成, 恭喜发财. 

Little Wai boy @ 8 Months+

During this Chinese New Year, Wai boy also had the opportunity to experience or explore the following for the very FIRST time:
  • FIRST Chinese New Year celebration - Year of Horse;
  • FIRST time meeting up with some of the relatives like 二姑姐, Uncle Jonathan, 姑婆 and also others when we went visiting mainly from 爷爷 side;
  • FIRST visits to the Thean Hou Temple for prayer of which Mommy will blog about it later;
  • Introduced to lion dance and firecrackers for the FIRST time; and

last but not least, taken his FIRST family photo.

Note to Our Dearest Wai boy,

Daddy & Mommy 祝你快高长大, 身体健康, 永远快乐.


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