During the confinement month....

Aunty Kiew & little Wai boy

Mommy and Little Wai boy were well taken care off by Aunty Kiew (陪月) who came all the way from Bentong.  She is a very nice lady,  hardworking and most important, very knowledgeable when comes to taking care of Mommy and also Wai boy as she has been working as a 陪月 for the past 10 years.  Besides, she is also a very good cook and we really missed all her food especially the 猪脚醋 which is one of Daddy's favourites.  

Aunty Kiew actually planned to go back to Bentong on 22 June 2013, Saturday but after receiving a telephone call from his youngest son who works in KL, she then decided to follow him back a day earlier. 

Another photo of Aunty Kiew & Wai boy before she left on 21 June 2013

(Left-Right) Kit boy, Aunty Kiew, Wai boy & 婆婆

Despite Aunty Kiew was only with us for a short period of 28 days but we have developed a very good relationship with her and hence, everybody felt a little hard to accept the fact that so fast she will be leaving us.  Aunty Kiew said that she will miss us very much especially Wai boy and will always remember calling this little fellow 'sayang boy'.  Mommy actually promised to send her some Wai boy's photos by snail mail. 

A short note to Aunty Kiew -

"Dear Aunty Kiew,

Without you, Mommy will not be able to handle during the confinement month and recovered so well, 婆婆 would not have learned and improved on her cooking, Kit boy would not have a good companion to play with and last but not least, without you, our precious little Wai boy's weight would not have gone up so much.

Mommy will never forget all your yummylicious cooking, Daddy will miss your 猪脚醋, 婆婆 will think of you during every breakfast, lunch and dinner while Kit boy will think of you everytime he tried to complete those Ultraman puzzles and for Wai boy, he will definitely miss your voice.

Thanks for everything and do keep in touch."


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