3rd Month Progress Report - August 2013


Standing at 6.4kg, an increased of 1kg from last month progress report.


No measurement was taken.

Diaper Size

MamyPoko Tape Diaper Size M (6-11kgs)


Same as last month.

Motor Skills

Yet to roll over despite he managed to turn half 0f his body side way.  But both his hand movements and also 'karate kick' has definitely improved.

Communication & Social Skills

Started baby babbling as and when you talk to him.  Priceless.


Formula milk was changed from Anmum to EnfaLac A+ immediately on the night when the news of Fonterra (New Zealand) recalling back their dairy products due to the affected batches of Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC80).  Despite it was later clarified and confirmed that Anmum is safe for consumption but because of Wai boy already get used to EnfaLac A+, we decided to continue with it instead of swapping back to Anmum.


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