1st Month Progress Report - June 2013

As at 23 June 2013, Sunday

Stood at 4.6kg with an increased of 1.7kg from 2.910kg at birth.  As mentioned in the earlier post over HERE, credits actually goes to Aunty Kiew, Mommy's 陪月.


No record as it was not measured during Wai boy's first check-up at Dr. Yek clinic and Mommy shall update on this in the following month progress report.  

Diaper Size

Whoopie Tape Diaper Size Newborn (3-5kg)


Obviously none at this point in time but Wai boy does have a set of healthy gum and again credits goes to Aunty Kiew who has taken care of Wai boy so well from top to toe.

Motor Skills

Wai boy is quite good in controlling his hands movement as he knows how to push away the milk bottle as and when we feed him plain water instead of his favourite milk.

Communication & Social Skills

Occasionally we will be able to catch his smile when we touch his little chin.  Wai boy very seldom cries and even if he does, it will be a soft one, unless he is very hungry after a long nap.    


Wai boy was a little luckier than his brother as Mommy has successfully breastfed him for at least the first ten days after birth before fully on formula milk mainly due to low in supply.  We did not go for MeadJohnson product this time round thinking of the high sugar content in Enfa instead we opt for Anmum.  At this point in time, Wai boy is taking 3.5oz to 4.0oz of formula milk for every 3 - 3.5 hours. 


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